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Meet Plus Model, Pageant Winner and Designer, Alicia Mitchell

alicia mitchell
Plus Model Alicia Mitchell

Last year Comedian and actress Mo'Nique brought the highest ratings to the Oxygen Network with the first ever plus size beauty pageant Mo’Niques Fat Chance.

Throughout the show we got to know the contestants and fell in love with New Jersey native Alicia Mitchell. We watched as she learned to pole dance, walk the runway and pour her heart out to us all.

I spent a rainy afternoon at a photo shoot in NYC with this wonderful and inspiring young lady. During her photo shoot and interview, her genuinely lovable personality came through in her pictures and in every single word that she spoke...

[Maddy]  Were you always plus sized growing up?

[Alicia] Growing up I was always a big girl even when I was a baby I was chubby and cute with the chubbiest cheeks.

[Maddy] When did you decide you wanted to be a model and advocate for plus size women?

alicia mitchell
Alicia on the runway

[Alicia] I decided to be a plus size model in when I was in high school, Designing
Clothes and Modeling has always been my interest ever since I was a little
girl from drawing sketches on the walls of my moms house to posing in
pictures on Easter Sunday in my best dress.

I was designing clothes before I started modeling. I always wanted to be a advocate for plus size women that's why I chose to be a plus size model and designer.

 I enjoy designing clothes for plus size women it makes me feel good to be able to do something positive for Plus size women.

[Maddy] Tell me about your experience at the Mo’Niques Fat Chance show.

[Alicia] My experience with Mo'Nique's Fat Chance was WONDERFUL !!!!!! It was really life changing for me. Being on her show gave me the boost of self
confidence that I needed to pursue my career as a Plus size designer and as
a Super Plus size model. It was truly a wonderful feeling knowing that out of all
those girls that tried out for her show I was one of the girls that she
picked. It made me feel really special. My experience with the other
ladies was great everyone bonded with each other and we all had a great time

[Maddy] What important lessons did you learn from being on the show?

Being on Mo'Nique's show taught me a very important lesson and that
is..... What ever you want to do in life just DO IT !!!! and never let
anyone hold you back.

[Maddy] I heard that you hold some pageant titles. Please tell me more about them.

[Alicia]  Right now I currently hold the title of Ms. Full Figured USA 2006 and
Miss Congeniality. Having both of these titles is truly an honor. Being Ms. Full Figured USA allows me to represent for all of my full figured sisters everywhere so
I do my best to make people see that big girls got it going on! I don’t believe being plus size has to be negative....... Big is Beautiful and there are no Boundaries on Beauty !!!!

alicia mitchell
Alicia at the 2005 Divabetic Fundraiser

Keep your eye out for Alicia’s clothing line Cakes &  Piez Couture

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