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Tear It Up: Plus Models in Print

These fabulous faces are not only beautiful, but amazing, professional women. PLUS has this knowledge first-hand since we went right to the source and asked the people who know! Check out the plus model 'tears' and have a look at what the people who hired them, as well as some of the models, have to say...

igigi plus size clothing

Plus Size Model Ofelia Slater from CA
For Igigi Plus Size Clothing

Masha Salvado, Marketing Manager for IGIGI, shares...

“Ofelia is one of our most popular models now and we receive so many compliments on her since a vast majority of American women identify with her! She started her modeling career with IGIGI. All of us, especially Yuliya (our fashion designer), saw a lot of potential in Ofelia and started using her as a model in summer 2004..."

"Since then she has become 'the face' of IGIGI. Ofelia has the ideal shape and fits all of our clothing perfectly. We love using her as a model.”

Plus Mode Ofelia shares...

"I'll never forget the day I met Masha with IGIGI. I was on a test photo shoot
doing the makeup for another plus size model. After meeting Masha she turns
to me and says, 'Have you ever thought about plus size modeling? The market
out here is great for Latina plus size models.' Little did she know that I
was an aspiring straight size model years ago when I was in my teens. I had
given it thought but never pursued it as a plus size woman. I thought, this
is being at the right place at the right time!"

"Between Masha and Destiny, the other plus size model, they gave me great tips on how to get started. I am now signed with top agencies and have been working steadily. IGIGI gave me the experience and confidence I needed to become successful. Everyone there cares for you and makes you feel beautiful and loved. IGIGI will always be one of my favorite accomplishments."

"Aside from becoming a professional model I would love to venture into helping young girls with self-esteem issues and body acceptance."

Plus Size Model Nadirah Bahar from CA
For Zaftique Plus Size Clothing

Rob Dennis, Photographer and Graphic Designer for Zaftique, shares...

"This little bundle of energy is Nadirah Bahar. We worked with her just the one time, but would certainly recommend her for any promotion you're doing!"

And Plus Model Nadirah shares...

"Working with Zaftique was amazing. They were so professional, and there were ALL KINDS of clothes they had ready for me to try on. The clothes were extremly well made, and they fit my body like a glove!"

zaftique plus size clothing

"The makeup artist that I worked with was so sweet and did a beautiful job. Rob was a great photographer, he helped me to relax and have fun the whole time."

"I love being a curvy model! I haven't been anything but curvy in over 14 years. It's amazing to know that you are a vessel in helping other curvy women feel better about themselves. I know that I'm confident whatever size I may be and I want to help other women to understand that too!"

igigi plus size clothing

Plus Size Model Sommer Green from CA
For Igigi Plus Size Clothing

Masha Salvado, Marketing Manager for IGIGI, shares...

"The pictures of Sommer were done by photographer Charlie Nucci in San Francisco. Sommer is a great person! It was such a pleasure working with her."

Plus Size Model Krista Mays from NY
For Igigi Plus Size Clothing

Masha Salvado, Marketing Manager for IGIGI, shares...

"The pictures of Krista and Fluvia (current cover model) were done in NY. All of the IGIGI team enjoyed working with Fluvia and Krista! Watch for their new photos appearing on the website soon to introduce our fall collection."

igigi plus size clothing

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