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Fake or Bake: A Plus Models Guide to Sun Protection

To tan or not to tan, that is the question we posed to Gwendolyn DeVoe, Founder/CEO of DeVoe Signature Events. She graciously shared what she tells her models when it comes to sun worshipping, tanning salons and spray tans.

"While it is a known fact that despite skin cancer warnings from doctors and women's magazines, bronzed skin is back with a vengeance. And, unfortunately, the indoor-tanning trend has become a fashion mandate for a lot of people, especially young people. However, I think that what most people don't realize is that most professional models and actresses are too image-conscious to risk sun-damaged skin and their perfect tans are courtesy of self-tanning products, makeup and retouched photographs.

Even though the major complaint about spray tans and self-tanning lotions is that they don't match the golden glow of a real tan, regular use of tanning salons can leave your skin wrinkly, leathery and blotchy.

I highly recommend using bronzers or make-up that can help give you an instant glow as opposed to having to worry about delayed consequences."

Sun Protection Tips:

  • Stay out o the sun during peak hours. This is considered 10am - 3pm.
  • Wear protective clothing including a wide brimmed hat and UV protection. Remember that hair can suffer sun damage too!
  • Wear sunscreen with an SPF of at least 15, preferably one at 30+. Make sure to apply sunscreen 30 minutes before entering the sun and reapply every 2 hours.

Here are a few of our favorite sunblock products...

Murad Waterproof Sunblock SPF 30

Extra protection for active individuals, both in and out of the water. Enriched with Murad's patented Skin Repair System with Co-3(tm), this collagen-strengthening formula helps treat, repair, and prevent fine lines and wrinkles as pomegranate antioxidants and intense broad spectrum UVA/UVB sunscreens prevent free radical damage, preserving skin balance, texture and tone. Click to order Murad Waterproof Sunblock SPF 30

Click to order Murad Waterproof Sunblock SPF 30

Peter Thomas Roth Mini Ultra Lite Oil-Free Sunblock SPF 30

This ultra light, absorbable, greaseless lotion contains Parsol 1789, which provides extra sheer protection against UVA radiation as well as UVB protection, formerly available only with the thicker titanium dioxide and zinc oxide-based sunblocks. Ultra Lite Oil-Free Sunblock SPF30 is a dry formula with no fragrances, and also contains antioxidant micellized vitamins A and E. Click to order Peter Thomas Roth Mini Ultra Lite Oil-Free Sunblock SPF 30

Frederic Fekkai Summer Hair - Sun Bandana

This light, gel-creme formula creates a heat-activated "invisible shield" on wet or dry hair, protecting it from the sun as it conditions and strengthens the hair. Safe for color-treated tresses. Avoid eye contact. Click to order Frederic Fekkai Summer Hair - Sun Bandana


And remember, sun protection is not just something to practice in the summer, this is a 365 day a year commitment!

So take care, have fun and protect in the sun :-)

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